The Best Foundation Method to Speed Up the Construction

TerraceHave you considered using helical pile in building the foundation for your project? Long before the popularity of screw piles, building a structure would take quite a while. The materials and the methods used for construction will always play an important role in completing the project. You may have noticed in some old structures or buildings that they easily get damaged and repairs are done quite often. Remember, the key to a good structure will always boil down to a good foundation. Most buildings use concrete piles and even wood piles if the budget does not permit. These are the foundation piles that carry quite a few drawbacks. Other than it would take time to install these piles since you need to prepare the construction site and analyze on the ground whether or not it is safe to excavate and create holes to insert the piles. Once it is done, concrete piles still require waiting time before you can use it. Concrete needs to be dry before building the foundation. On the other hand, these foundation building methods would require too much effort and most of all, the biggest concern in every construction – money. Continue reading


A Closer Look on the House on Pilings

Machine Installed Screw PilesAlong with the popularity of the screw pile, there are a lot of houses and other constructions built. These houses are sitting on pilings. Please do not confuse this with the pier-supported house as what people would think it is. This is a total different story. Pilings can be in a form of wood, steel and even concrete. We all know that the most important part of any building construction is the foundation. Although there may be a lot of types of pilings to choose from, be very wise in choosing the best pile that would support the entire building. Pilings are driven and inserted to the ground so as to achieve the desired depth in order to have a strong foundation. For commercial and large constructions, engineers calculate on the load, diameter and even the length of the pilings. On the other hand, if you simply want to build an outbuilding or a room extension, you can always contact a credible company that specifically caters foundation pilings so you will be advised on the best material and method to be used.


Nothing can compare the ease of installing the steel piling. Most people would still choose the screw pilings even if the sheet piling for sale is available. Installation on these innovative pilings can be done in two ways. Large constructions would require their crews to use a special equipment to insert the pile deep into the construction site. Inserting the pile mechanically is one method that anyone can take advantage of when building foundations. Meanwhile, a simple fence or perhaps a terrace can be simply built. It would take one or two persons to turn the piling clockwise just as locking the screw up. The piling should be rotated and brought to a depth to strengthen the foundation. Continue reading