Helical Piles: Flexible Foundation Tool

These days, a helical pile has greatly increase its demand for construction needs. You have to keep in mind that constructing foundations is the most crucial in building structures. Remember that foundations shoulder on the entire weight of the structure. Thus, it has to be ensured that these have to be strongly built and sturdy. You may notice that whenever calamities occur, a structure built on a strong foundation stands all the time. Although there may be a lot of methods of building foundations, a helical pile foundation has been considered as one of the most cost-effective foundation there is in the market.


 Uses of Foundation Piles

As you read on, you will be surprised as to where the piles will be used. Let’s name a few uses of these foundation piles.

> Outbuildings – You might think that steel piling can only be used for those large buildings. Think again and you will be able to see the beauty of these foundation tools. These piles can be used to build not just commercial structures but residential as well. Outbuildings are one of the common structures built in your home. Helical piers foundation can make the project complete easier.

> Terraces – All you need is to insert the pile to the ground and rotate it to a desired depth. Thereby, it should be strong enough to support an extension from your main house.

> Cottages and Houses – The reason most contractors prefer to use these piles is its flexibility in the sense of installing the foundations. Unlike the other foundations such as concrete piles, you do not have to choose the type of ground to install the foundation. Rather, you can insert and install the piles on any type of ground. So, cottages and houses are built completely with strong foundations.

> Fences – These may be one of the simplest constructions but for others it isn’t. As simple as rotating the foundation to the ground at a depth and the project is complete. Remember, this foundation tool is flexible that you can create foundations and build structures in all types of weather condition.

> Garages – An extension of your main home can easily be done with these foundation tools.

> Piers and Landing Stages – This is the most interesting part. Earlier we keep on telling how flexible this foundation tool is. In fact, the pile can be installed in all types of weather condition and whatever type of ground. Moreover, this tool can enable you to installing piers and other structures on a body of water.

 There are still other uses of these piles. It all depends in the hands of the contractor on whether or not he would use the tool to make construction easier else to fix any problem. In other words, helical screws are used to

> Foundation Repairs – Remember, this is the most important part of any structure. Since screw piles are considered solutions to any construction needs, its flexibility such as easy to install, light and economical complete the foundation set.


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