A Closer Look on the House on Pilings

Machine Installed Screw PilesAlong with the popularity of the screw pile, there are a lot of houses and other constructions built. These houses are sitting on pilings. Please do not confuse this with the pier-supported house as what people would think it is. This is a total different story. Pilings can be in a form of wood, steel and even concrete. We all know that the most important part of any building construction is the foundation. Although there may be a lot of types of pilings to choose from, be very wise in choosing the best pile that would support the entire building. Pilings are driven and inserted to the ground so as to achieve the desired depth in order to have a strong foundation. For commercial and large constructions, engineers calculate on the load, diameter and even the length of the pilings. On the other hand, if you simply want to build an outbuilding or a room extension, you can always contact a credible company that specifically caters foundation pilings so you will be advised on the best material and method to be used.


Nothing can compare the ease of installing the steel piling. Most people would still choose the screw pilings even if the sheet piling for sale is available. Installation on these innovative pilings can be done in two ways. Large constructions would require their crews to use a special equipment to insert the pile deep into the construction site. Inserting the pile mechanically is one method that anyone can take advantage of when building foundations. Meanwhile, a simple fence or perhaps a terrace can be simply built. It would take one or two persons to turn the piling clockwise just as locking the screw up. The piling should be rotated and brought to a depth to strengthen the foundation.


We have discussed earlier the most common and popular screw pile. Some piling types would depend on the type of soil before you can install it. Read on and take a look on the common piling types.

  • Timber – There are some buildings that use timber for their foundations. These people believe that not only it is economical but is also efficient as well.
  • Concrete – Concrete pilings have stayed in the market for quite sometime. A lot of construction are built on concrete piles. As the piles are inserted to the ground, pilings are filled with concrete.

As what most people believe that foundation building would depend on the soil and the construction site, but steel piles have stood out in all these types of piles. It could be used even in beach houses, piers, or on construction buildings on sand and other types of ground.


Inserting the pile to the ground does not only depend on the construction site. At some point, engineers take a core soil sample in order to determine the soil structure. Thereby, they can identify the depth the pile should be driven say mostly at 20-25 feet.

House on pilings are designed to be built on piles. It is important to have the right pilings used to have the house well supported and strong.


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