Solutions to Common Pile Driving Problems

foundation systemMost people have decided to consider on using the screw pile method in building foundations. These are the people who have seen and realized how it has enabled to make the construction convenient and most of all economical. It has allowed them to save time, effort and most of all the money to install the foundation and use it without the waiting period. Not to mention, the foundation can be used at any given time. Unlike other methods of constructing the foundation such as concrete piling where you still need to allow the concrete to dry upon installing the piling before you can use the foundation. Meanwhile, steel piling enables you to install and build foundations without any weather, soil and time conditions. So, have you decided yet and planned to switch to these types of foundation pilings? Perhaps, you may be experiencing any common pile driving problems that made you continue to use the conventional and traditional method of building the foundation. As you read on, you will be enlightened by these solutions to these common problems. This should be able to let you come up with a decision so the next time you would be constructing a small building right at your backyard else your fence and other building construction regardless of its size.

Problem: Steel Pile Head Deforms

Most possibly the reason why you keep on using the concrete piling in building foundation is the fear of experiencing this kind of problem. You have to keep in mind that in the advent of technology, these steel piling are better than any other types of piling not only the concrete pile but also the sheet piling for sale. However, when this would happen, it may be caused by the higher level of stress. Therefore, you need to check on what the solution to this kind of problem would be.


  • You need to check on the steel strength, not to mention the pile head as well. Keep in mind that the piling should also depend on the weight that it would be supporting. There has to be balance between the weight and the support.
  • Once you have calculated on the level of stress, you should be able to estimate whether or not you would be allowed to increase the strength as you screw the pile to the ground.

Problem: Pile Obstructions at a Depth

Since steel pilings are easy to install, it can even be installed manually if desired instead of using the machine. You have to keep in mind in moments that you will be able to encounter deep obstructions while installing the pile, do not be frustrated. There will always be a solution to the problem.


There are only two options in solving this kind of problem. Either you would be using the machine to install the pile else you would be using more than one piling in order to efficiently support the building.

These are just only a couple from the common problems you would encounter when using steel pilings. Again, this type of piling may have problems as you install but these are just minimal. Also, the solutions have provided a better way to use these pilings over the other.


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