A Brief Description on Screw Piles

Porch Screw PilesSimply put it this way, a screw pile has been considered as an innovative way to build strong foundations for your building construction. Gone are the traditional methods of supporting the entire structure such as digging a hole on the ground, inserting the pile and filling it with concrete and waiting for it before it dries ready to be used. Whatever the size of the construction, may it be a small project, perhaps an outbuilding in your backyard or a heavy building needed to be built in an open field, these foundation pilings are the best options in meeting every construction needs. Practically, it can adapt in all types of projects. Let’s take a closer look on this pile and learn why most people have chosen this method of building the foundation instead of the others.

A Glimpse on an Innovative Foundation Method

There are a lot of companies that cater on these type of piling in building the construction. You have to keep in mind that builders and engineers prefer the foundation as the most crucial part in building a project. The materials used has to be strong capable to withstand on the different forces of nature, not to mention can keep the building stand even with the changing weather conditions. This is the reason, most people prefer to use steel piling. It is guaranteed to anchor even below the frost line in order to be stable. Say when you want to construct a porch, car port, or a simple house addition, these are better solutions with simple and fast installation rather than the concrete piling.

Characteristics of the Main Parts

The Pile

What is it made of? Since the pile is made of solid steel, it’s clearly understood that the pile should be immune to corrosion. This simply means that unlike the sheet piling for sale which is sometimes not made of steel, screw piles still stand out from the rest of the type of foundation methods. This is the reason construction workers can build foundations anytime and even anywhere they would want the project to stand. It can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. In addition, this material is environmental friendly since installation may or may not require machines to insert it on the ground. Also, you do not need to dig onto the ground to insert the piling. And most of all, installation is noise-free. In other words, you can build the foundation and complete the construction without disturbing the nature and the neighborhood.

The Blade

Screw PilesThis part is designed to ensure it can anchor from the ground frost. The dimensions of the blade is made to bear any load requirements and whatever type of soil. Although this may be the most effective on sand and clay, it can still be effective when you plan to build a construction in a different area. It also offers an effective resistance whenever it is extracted. Yes, this material can be re-used. Thus, this is essentially economical.

Screw piles have amazed millions of people around the globe. Its popularity keeps on increasing as more people have considered using this tool for their construction.


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