The Best Foundation Method to Speed Up the Construction

TerraceHave you considered using helical pile in building the foundation for your project? Long before the popularity of screw piles, building a structure would take quite a while. The materials and the methods used for construction will always play an important role in completing the project. You may have noticed in some old structures or buildings that they easily get damaged and repairs are done quite often. Remember, the key to a good structure will always boil down to a good foundation. Most buildings use concrete piles and even wood piles if the budget does not permit. These are the foundation piles that carry quite a few drawbacks. Other than it would take time to install these piles since you need to prepare the construction site and analyze on the ground whether or not it is safe to excavate and create holes to insert the piles. Once it is done, concrete piles still require waiting time before you can use it. Concrete needs to be dry before building the foundation. On the other hand, these foundation building methods would require too much effort and most of all, the biggest concern in every construction – money. Continue reading


Helical Piles: Flexible Foundation Tool

These days, a helical pile has greatly increase its demand for construction needs. You have to keep in mind that constructing foundations is the most crucial in building structures. Remember that foundations shoulder on the entire weight of the structure. Thus, it has to be ensured that these have to be strongly built and sturdy. You may notice that whenever calamities occur, a structure built on a strong foundation stands all the time. Although there may be a lot of methods of building foundations, a helical pile foundation has been considered as one of the most cost-effective foundation there is in the market.


 Uses of Foundation Piles

As you read on, you will be surprised as to where the piles will be used. Let’s name a few uses of these foundation piles.

> Outbuildings – You might think that steel piling can only be used for those large buildings. Think again and you will be able to see the beauty of these foundation tools. These piles can be used to build not just commercial structures but residential as well. Outbuildings are one of the common structures built in your home. Helical piers foundation can make the project complete easier.

> Terraces – All you need is to insert the pile to the ground and rotate it to a desired depth. Thereby, it should be strong enough to support an extension from your main house.

> Cottages and Houses – The reason most contractors prefer to use these piles is its flexibility in the sense of installing the foundations. Unlike the other foundations such as concrete piles, you do not have to choose the type of ground to install the foundation. Rather, you can insert and install the piles on any type of ground. So, cottages and houses are built completely with strong foundations. Continue reading

A Closer Look on the House on Pilings

Machine Installed Screw PilesAlong with the popularity of the screw pile, there are a lot of houses and other constructions built. These houses are sitting on pilings. Please do not confuse this with the pier-supported house as what people would think it is. This is a total different story. Pilings can be in a form of wood, steel and even concrete. We all know that the most important part of any building construction is the foundation. Although there may be a lot of types of pilings to choose from, be very wise in choosing the best pile that would support the entire building. Pilings are driven and inserted to the ground so as to achieve the desired depth in order to have a strong foundation. For commercial and large constructions, engineers calculate on the load, diameter and even the length of the pilings. On the other hand, if you simply want to build an outbuilding or a room extension, you can always contact a credible company that specifically caters foundation pilings so you will be advised on the best material and method to be used.


Nothing can compare the ease of installing the steel piling. Most people would still choose the screw pilings even if the sheet piling for sale is available. Installation on these innovative pilings can be done in two ways. Large constructions would require their crews to use a special equipment to insert the pile deep into the construction site. Inserting the pile mechanically is one method that anyone can take advantage of when building foundations. Meanwhile, a simple fence or perhaps a terrace can be simply built. It would take one or two persons to turn the piling clockwise just as locking the screw up. The piling should be rotated and brought to a depth to strengthen the foundation. Continue reading

Solutions to Common Pile Driving Problems

foundation systemMost people have decided to consider on using the screw pile method in building foundations. These are the people who have seen and realized how it has enabled to make the construction convenient and most of all economical. It has allowed them to save time, effort and most of all the money to install the foundation and use it without the waiting period. Not to mention, the foundation can be used at any given time. Unlike other methods of constructing the foundation such as concrete piling where you still need to allow the concrete to dry upon installing the piling before you can use the foundation. Meanwhile, steel piling enables you to install and build foundations without any weather, soil and time conditions. So, have you decided yet and planned to switch to these types of foundation pilings? Perhaps, you may be experiencing any common pile driving problems that made you continue to use the conventional and traditional method of building the foundation. As you read on, you will be enlightened by these solutions to these common problems. This should be able to let you come up with a decision so the next time you would be constructing a small building right at your backyard else your fence and other building construction regardless of its size. Continue reading

A Brief Description on Screw Piles

Porch Screw PilesSimply put it this way, a screw pile has been considered as an innovative way to build strong foundations for your building construction. Gone are the traditional methods of supporting the entire structure such as digging a hole on the ground, inserting the pile and filling it with concrete and waiting for it before it dries ready to be used. Whatever the size of the construction, may it be a small project, perhaps an outbuilding in your backyard or a heavy building needed to be built in an open field, these foundation pilings are the best options in meeting every construction needs. Practically, it can adapt in all types of projects. Let’s take a closer look on this pile and learn why most people have chosen this method of building the foundation instead of the others.

A Glimpse on an Innovative Foundation Method

There are a lot of companies that cater on these type of piling in building the construction. You have to keep in mind that builders and engineers prefer the foundation as the most crucial part in building a project. The materials used has to be strong capable to withstand on the different forces of nature, not to mention can keep the building stand even with the changing weather conditions. This is the reason, most people prefer to use steel piling. It is guaranteed to anchor even below the frost line in order to be stable. Say when you want to construct a porch, car port, or a simple house addition, these are better solutions with simple and fast installation rather than the concrete piling. Continue reading

Screw Piles and Its Uses

You may not be able to notice on the unseen screw pile but it has brought a lot of benefits for all kinds of construction needs. Consider this a solution when you need a durable foundation. Other than it can be installed quickly, its carrying capacity can surpass the other solutions for construction in the market. Screw piling can be done in two different methods. You can either install it manually using a crowbar or perhaps through a hydraulic rotating motor. No matter which method you would choose, this method still enables workers, expert engineers, and even an ordinary person to install and have the foundation that you would need.



Foundation pilings are needed to construct those small buildings at your yard. These are known as outbuildings. You should be able to see this when a small building such as a shed or a barn is constructed separated from the main building or the house. This is the reason why they are called as outbuildings. In other words, buildings constructed outside. Foundation is the key whenever a building is constructed. Continue reading